The BFC's Reggio Emilia approach fundamentally believes that 
young children are capable and confident learners. 

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Growing Curious Minds
Since its inception in 1990, the BFC has built its curriculum around the philosophy of Reggio Emilia and its belief that young children are capable, confident learners who can develop meaningful relationships with adults, peers, their community and the natural environment through self-guided, play-focused opportunities.  

In a Reggio inspired center like the BFC there are high levels of dramatic play, exploratory play, and self-guided, teacher supported curriculum. To encourage this, our teachers support children’s learning initiatives by offering choices and guidance central to the ideas that the children have developed with their peers. The children use few if any pre-fabricated mass produced games or toys employing instead open-ended learning materials such as blocks, clothing, recycled materials and real world tools.  

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